Brake Service

When should I service my BMW Brakes?


  • Pads

    In general, you should have your BMW brake pads inspected about every 10,000 miles, and replace them if the material lining of the pad is worn down enough to trigger the pad replacement sensor. In reality, most people don’t inspect their pads very often, and usually wait until they see the little brake warning lamp appear on the dashboard. It’s a wise idea to replace the pads, and inspect your discs as soon as you see that warning lamp.

  • Rotors

    Brake discs (or “rotors” as they are often called) are a very important part of the braking system. The brake pads rub against the discs to create the frictional force responsible for slowing the car down. If the rotors become too thin or grooved, their ability to stop the car decreases. When replacing the brake pads, we always measure the thickness of the brake discs. If they fall below the specified value for your car, we replace them.