Spray-On Liners

Looking for a spray-on epoxy coating?

Millenium Liners can be used in almost any situation where there is a need for surface protection. The spray-on liner bonds to any surface including metal, wood, cement, ceramic, and fiberglass and is durable in virtually all temperature ranges.

The Millenium Liner forms a permanent airtight and watertight seal that prevents rusting and corrosion and stands up to the most extreme hot or cold temperatures, yet still remains flexible.

  • Perfect as bedliner in Street Trucks, Tow Trucks, School Busses, Cement Mixers, Trailers, Cargo Vans
  • Perfect as a sealant on Pavers, Concrete, Brick Walls, Decks, Driveways


You can count on the Millenium Liner to provide the slip resistance you need while transporting materials or when standing in the truck bed. The textured surface secures whatever items you may have in your truck bed and provides the necessary traction, even when the surface is wet.


Hauling a snowmobile with new carbide blades or sharp construction debris? No problem, the Millenium bedliner is made of scratch resistant materials including solid epoxy resins and Dupont Kevlar, so your truck bed remains protected.


While the recommended application of Millenium Liner is one medium coat of approximately 10 millimeters in thickness, the spray-on liner may be applied in coats of up to 28 millimeters in thickness. The chemical composition of the Millenium Liner makes it the strongest bedliner available. The Millenium Liner is so durable that it may outlast the rest of your truck.


The Millenium Bedliner will not wear away from contact with chemicals and the coating resists numerous acids and alkalis including chlorine, gasoline, diesel fuel, paint, bleach, organic solvents, fertilizers and many others.


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