Walnut Blasting

What is Walnut Blasting? Why does it NEED to be done?

We don’t literally put walnuts in your intake, what we’re talking about is blasting your intake valves with Walnut Shells. While it sounds absurd, BMW actually recommends you do this every 30,000 miles!

Why does BMW recommend Walnut Blasting your intake valves every 30,000 miles?

It has to do with your fuel system, and much like dirty injectors or a dirty Mass Air Sensor can cause poor MPG and sluggish performance in earlier EFI cars, with newer direct injection cars under forced induction (turbos), your intake system needs to be cleaned regularly to perform at its peak. Not only does the dealer recommend that you perform this service every 30,000 miles, nearly every other BMW tuner we’ve run across agrees.

Some BMW’s that need walnut blasting:

  • BMW N54 or N55 in the E90 335i, E92 335i, F30 335i or F32 435i
  • S55 of the all new F80 BMW M3 and F82 BMW M4.

Call us today if your bmw is in need of walnut blasting in Scottsdale!